Rotary doypack

​Macchina rotativa con riempimento e saldatura per confezioni preformate (doypack)

Rotary machine with filling and sealing for preformed packages (doypack)
Rotary filling and sealing machine for preformed packages (doypack)
Powder products: coffee,flour ... (with the use of a dosing system)
Granular products: sugar, herbal tea, coffee beans ... (with the use of volumetric dosing system or multihead dosing system)
Liquid products: detergents, shampoos (using a spiral or rotary pump)
Paste: paste with twisted shape (with the use of a spiral or rotary pump)
Standard Features:
Intermittent rotary machine with 8 stations is specially designed for preformed packages
(flat or stand up pouch format) with or without zipper
Color touch screen to perform any operation.
Simple structure of the machine facilitates cleaning.
High quality and durable machine parts
Easy integration with a packaging line
Technical features:
Package type: flat or stand up pouch format
Package width: from 100 mm to 240 mm
Package length: from 100 mm to 350 mm