Macchina confezionatrice angolare automatica

Automatic angular packaging machine Automatic shrink-wrap machine.

  • Stainless steel structure
  • Height-adjustable base
  • Hot bar sealing with interchangeable profile
  • Notification of film break or runout
  • Electronic sealing temperature regulation
  • Manual infeed belt width adjustment
  • Automatic product infeed to the sealing bar
  • Automatic sealing bar opening
  • Motorized reel unwinder
  • Vertical photocell for thin products
  • Needle perforator
  • Translating outfeed belt
  • Motorized scraps collector
  • Touch screen control panel (60 preset work programs)
  • Sealer opening: 2 selectable positions to speed up the machine when packing thin products
  • Electronic belt speed regulation (inverter)
  • Self-cooled electrical and electronic components CE-compliant material Sealing bar 650x500mm
  • Machine equipped with wheels
  • Automatic shutdown timer
  • Multipack system

Macchina confezionatrice angolare automatica


  • Double reel holder
  • Hot-needle perforator
  • Film blower
  • Print centering photocell
  • Motorized infeed belt width adjustment
  • Automatic switch-on timer
  • Pre-cut unit for easy bag opening
  • Gas injection device
  • Film runout sensor
  • Increased infeed and outfeed belts Motorized belt guides above the product
  • Thermal printing
  • Pusher
  • Pneumatic presser
  • Sealing bar for thick seals (4mm with PE and PT)
  • Film bending roller
  • Barrier photocell
  • Translating conveyor belts for small or round products
  • Increased bar opening
Our technical office is available for further changes. For more options and modifications do not hesitate to contact our Technical department.
- Hot air oven designed for the heat-shrinking of flow-wrapped products. It can be used either with angular or other packaging machines. The tunnel is equipped with electric heaters that heat the air. A specific hot air recirculation system increases energy efficiency and shrinking power. It does not need any maintenance.
- The exclusive low turbulence hot air distribution system with heat recovery and uniform power distribution ensures significant energy savings.
- Electromechanical belt speed adjustment.
- Temperature regulation by an integrated proportional thermostat with extremely low deviation.
- Self-cooled electrical and electronic components. Safety systems according to EEC standards. Packing materials: Cryovac, PPT, PTE.

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